You don’t have to be an über-geek to know that The Cloud is “the future” but it’s not always clear what the benefits are and how they affect you. To put it simply, using cloud computing, be it cloud storage, cloud hosting, cloud processing or whatever, is the shift away from the traditional model of a single computer powering a single operation, and moving toward a new model whereby the workload is shared among a scattered network of computers that each use combine a small part of their resources into a single super-cluster. It’s a bit like the Borg from Star Trek – individually they are vunerable, but as part of their giant network they are virtually unstoppable.

While we have no plans to roam the universe searching for resources to assimilate, we are now moving all our shared website hosting to the cloud, offering a whole wave of benefits at no extra cost to our clients. The many benefits will include:


Instead of a single server powering one or more websites, our cloud hosting is powered by a whole cluster or network of servers, so there’s no single point of failure. This means that should a server go offline for any reason, another server will be able to take over and bridge the gap seamlessly, meaning that your website will stay online and accessible despite the server outage.


Cloud hosting provides faster page loading speeds, so your visitors can get to the information contained on your website faster than ever before, no matter what time they visit or on what kind of device. A fast loading website looks good, and sets the right impression for your business.


The cloud clusters intelligently and dynamically assign resources for the highest performance, giving your website the fastest and most suitable hosting power whenever required. The entire cloud platform has been custom build from the ground up to give the best results with the most efficient use of resources.


Our shared hosting platforms have always been stable, with an uptime rate of around 99.98%. However, with the clusters used by the new Cloud Hosting platform, downtime has been virtually eliminated and means your website will always be available whenever needed.


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