Microsoft has had a bit of a hard time with its browsers over the last few years as Firefox and then Chrome entered the market and took massive swathes of the Microsoft user-base with them. To be fair to Microsoft, the last few iterations of Internet Explorer have been pretty good, with few or none of the issues that plagued them during the IE6- 9 years. However, their latest browser, Edge, is really having a hard time on Windows 10.

Billed as an improved alternative to IE11, Edge is supposedly a faster and more responsive browser, but to the average user it’s difficult to see any real improvements, and the only perceptible difference at first glance is that the user interface is a bit different and therefore something that will take some adjusting too. It doesn’t help that the mish-mash of interface styles and fullscreen/desktop apps on Windows 10 is still being streamlined, and as a result Edge is being sidelined in favour of classic Internet Explorer or third party alternatives.

The situation is apparently so bad that Microsoft have effectively started offering reward points to users who switch to Edge over other browsers – these points can be redeemed for vouchers or credits online and in high-street outlets. The bad news is that in order to take advantage of these you will also need to start using Microsoft’s much maligned (in Europe at least) search engine Bing – something that most people are wary of doing. The rewards scheme is also only available in the US at the moment, though I don’t imagine there’s much demand for it over this side of the Atlantic right now.

There’s more information here if you’re interested.


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